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GOLDRUSH – Eatable of many orders 2010 Autmun/Winter Collection

GOLDRUSH – Eatable of many orders 2010 Autmun/Winter Collection


昨シーズンに引き続き、Eatable of many ordersの展示会をNOW IDeAで開催します。

What’s eatable
Eatable of many orders「注文の多いエタブル(食べれる)」 ブランドの由来は、宮沢賢治の『注文の多い料理店』です。
山猫がお客を食べる為に色々と注文をするという展開ですが、私たちの商品から生まれるメッセージやストーリーをお客様に伝えていく意味を込めてmany orders「注文の多い」を繋げました。
Eatable of many orders は商品の原材料を食べ物の品質表示のように消費者の方に伝えていくブランドです。
素材の理解、染色工程、革の鞣しなどそれぞれのモノにストーリーがあり、 食べ物と同じように原材料名と制作工程を伝えていきます。
Eatable of many orders

What is Eatable?
The phrase “Eatable of Many Orders” comes from Kenji Miyazawa’s “Restaurant of Many Orders”. It is a story about a wild cat restaurant which gives orders to customers rather than taking orders from them. Like the story, Eatable of Many Orders would like to provide customers an eatable menu for complete understanding of our products.
We would like to present our products like food and its ingredients with aesthetic sense and sensibility. The materials which we choose often have very interesting stories of their process. We would like to be a guide to introduce our products in a manner when you ask before you eat something, “what’s in it?”
Eatable of many orders