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Jordan Sullivan “A Room Forever”


Opening Reception: 2012.3.13(Tue) 18:00-20:00
NOW IDeAでは、ニューヨークを拠点に活動するアーティスト、ジョーダン・サリバンの東京初となる個展「A Room Forever」を開催します。

「A Room Forever」は、サリバンと恋人であるジルが出会った最初の数ヶ月を記録した写真やコラージュ、エフェメラなどで構成されている。出会ったその夜から撮影を始めたというサリバンの写真は、恋が始まった瞬間の喜怒哀楽を至近距離からみつめ、恋におちた二人の関係以上のものを映し出そうと試みる。サリバンにとって写真とは救済された時間や記憶であり、事実とフィクション、証拠と虚構、ファンタジーとリアリティーが混じりあう媒体。そんな彼の写真は、写真の両義的な側面を際立たせる。簡単にある瞬間についての記憶を呼び覚まし、その記憶を植え付けると同時に、その記憶を操作し再解釈させることも可能であり、彼の写真の中で、現実は夢の様な情景をみせはじめる。






I met Jill in Brooklyn after being away from New York for the better part of a year and not seeing a girl in almost just as long. We were at a bar. She was friends with my buddy’s then girlfriend. We did tequila shots, and I remember I finished hers for her. I asked her to go into a photobooth with me. She sat on my lap and we had out first photos taken. Then we went around the corner to a quieter bar, and she told me about her brothers, her mom, her dad, and she had so much compassion for all of them, for everyone. You could hear it in her voice, and in the way her eyes teared up. She’d lived in Tokyo, Namibia, Paris, London, but she was from another world. I walked her home and we hung out all night and most every other night since.

I immediately started photographing her that first night. She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, and I wanted to document all the moments and feelings I had for her as they were happening, as it surrounded us. These pictures are a document of where we are in our lives right now.

-Jordan Sullivan, March, 2012

Utrecht/Now IDeA presents A Room Forever, the first solo exhibition in Tokyo by New York based artist, Jordan Sullivan. A Room Forever is a collection of photographs, collages, and ephemera recounting the first months of a relationship between the artist and his girlfriend, Jill. The photographs capture an emotional panorama, documenting the early stages of their relationship in intimate detail (Sullivan began photographing their life together the night they first met). Sullivan’s photographs reveal more than just a relationship between two people in love. For Sullivan, a photograph is salvaged time, a memory, equal parts fact and fiction, evidence and construction, fantasy and reality. Sullivan’s pictures explore photography’s dual nature: the ability of an image to recall and preserve a moment just easily as it can manipulate and reinterpret it, revealing a heightened, almost dream-like reality.

In addition to the exhibition, Sullivan will be releasing a new book and a series of zines.

Jordan Sullivan:www.jordan-sullivan.com