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Julian Gatto「Semi-transparent sticky states」



2017.8/29(Tue) – 9/10(Sun)
Opening Reception 9/2(Sat)18:00-20:00
モームとL PACK.: 9/10(Sun) 14:00-




最終日となる9/10には、L PACK.(小田桐奨、中嶋哲矢)と洋菓子モーム(ミヤギフトシ)のコーヒー&ケーキスタンドinユトレヒト「モームとL PACK.」を開催します!すっかり秋めいた心地よい週末の午後、コーヒーとケーキを手にぜひ展示を楽しんでください。


In the past few days, a bird pointed toward the path I should walk, a snail made an infinity-like sign at the entrance of our home and a snow-white cat appeared at the steps of the shrine when we walked by before dawn. Today, a monstrous spider appeared dead in the kitchen. Are these signs? If so, how should they be read?

Perhaps they are saying that revolutions are never just human; perhaps they are saying we should choose our allies wisely. I have chosen light bouncing in mirrors, the sound of gurgling water, bits and pieces of paper and wire, old shipping boxes, rotting flowers, lithium-ion batteries, aluminum foil, hooks and clamps.

Now we are signaling at you, can you see us? Can you tell us what you see? Do we look calm, desperate, relaxed, committed, happy, sad? Do we sound decided or unfocused? Can you feel how the air around us has become almost sticky, charged with expectation?

ジュリアン・ガット 1979年ブエノス・アイレス生まれのアーティスト。クーパーユニオンで芸術を学び、シカゴ美術館附属美術大学で修士号を取得。ブエノスアイレスをはじめ、東京、ベルリン、ニューヨーク、シカゴ、ロサンゼルスなどのギャラリーや出版物にて作品を発表。近年は、カリフォルニア大学デービス校のパフォーマンス研究博士課程に在籍。共同研究グループPROTOのメンバーとしても活動している。