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July 14th Class 10 Pt.3







I remember the first time Noriko Nozaki came to my class. She was wearing a business suit and drinking wine. She was very quiet at first but then when she began talking about photography, she really opened up.

“What do you take photos of?”


“What’s that?”

“It’s where the highway splits into two. It’s really sexy,” she said, turning red.

Noriko just started taking pictures with her Iphone about two months before because her friend dragged her out to see a highway junction. Apparently he was a junction maniac. He pointed to the junction and Noriko stared where his finger was aimed. After a couple of minutes, she began to see something…

This last class, she came again and announced, “I’m getting bored with junctions. I started taking photos of my son.”

Her new photos reminded me of one of my favorite photographers named Okamoto Manaco who also takes really cheerful and natural photos of her children. The nice thing about Noriko is that she doesn’t believe that she is an artist, but she is. There is no pretension in her pictures. They are just raw with pure feeling.