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Class 5, June 2nd










Today all the students canceled at the last minute except for one, so he had a private class.

Noritake is a well-known designer/illustrator. In the beginning of his presentation, he showed me a wooden ball with two plastic eyes glued to it. “This is one of my designs,” he said. Immediately, I thought it was bad. It was just a wooden ball with cheap plastic eyes. But then he began to explain it. “You can hold it in your hands… It can be a paperweight… you can keep it in your pocket… It can be used for anything.”

I looked at the wooden ball again. It still looked as if Noritake had only spent 5 minutes to make it, but then I realized the hidden genius of it. The person holding it decides how to use it. That’s where the art lies. It’s like a blank piece of paper. There are no rules. Everyone’s relationship to it is different. It just depends on the person. This is Noritake’s concept, which he uses for most of his designs.

I am so used to looking at things and immediately judging whether it’s good or bad. It can be a bad habit.

He showed me more of his work, which really impressed me.

“I try to break rules by making useless things sometimes,” he said.

I never thought of art in that way.